Who would you be if you stopped holding back, stopped staying small? Let's find out together.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Lisa Berry

In my practice there are two themes I hear most frequently from my clients. The first is a belief that they are stuck, often trapped, by the expectations of others and are living below their potential. The second is a variation of the first theme: women with chronic health conditions who feel trapped by their body’s limitations and don’t know how to integrate their self-care with their responsibility to others. The root of both themes is usually a feeling of unworthiness and a fear of letting others down. 

I understand how difficult both of these themes can be. It’s frustrating to want more and be constrained by either inherited stories that tell you to put your own needs aside or by the unique capacity of your own body. I’ve lived with both of these issues and I know the toll they can take. It took a great deal of commitment, and a fortunate corporate layoff, to push me to do the work necessary to get myself unstuck, present, discerning and happy. Worthy of what I want and free to pursue my potential. I love who I am now and my commitment to live my life with integrity.

The most important element for doing this work is a safe space to expose and explore your stories and beliefs. Our sessions are a container for that space and a place where you can practice vulnerability and self-compassion. We start our work where you are, with what you need, to help you get clear on your goals and balance your potential with your capacity so you can start saying yes to the things you want in life.

My coaching process has developed from the convergence of my experiences in self-healing, artmaking, process thinking and communications. I trained at Martha Beck Inc., a well-respected and client-centered coach training program. My prior experience, 25 years in corporate and publishing operations, allowed me to hone my skills at seeing connections and dependencies in complex activities and the tactical planning required to remove painpoints to make it all flow smoothly. Those skills have translated perfectly to coaching as I help my clients see their own connections, communicate what they need and release their own painpoints. 

My work is influenced by a rich variety of thinkers, including Brené Brown on worthiness and vulnerability; Bill Plotkin on soulcraft and visionquest; Judy Chicago’s exploration of feminism and womanhood through art (specifically her installation piece The Dinner Party); Martha Beck’s worldview that believes you are perfect as you are; Irene Lyon’s body-based work through SmartBody SmartMind; the Halperin’s art + life practice as embodied by the Tamalpa Institute; Rob Brezsny’s brilliant book Pronoia; the 5Rhythms practice of Gabrielle Roth; and a mess of business books on service and leadership, most notably The Cluetrain Manifesto

For those of you looking for more formal credentials, I have a BS degree in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco. I did graduate work in community cultural development—how artists bring communities together to tell their stories. I’m a certified project manager and a certified community mediator; I’ve volunteered locally to help parties improve their communication and resolve their own conflicts. I’m also a volunteer docent, assisting with outdoor educational programs to bring people out into nature. My coaching education was through Martha Beck Inc. and I participate in continuing education through a variety of programs. 

I’d love to work with you on your path to resilience and confidence so that you can say yes to the things you really want for your life. You can learn more about working with me here, or set up a free pre-coaching call here. If you’re not quite ready for this work, you can sign up for my occasional email updates to stay informed of new programs and offerings.

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward.” ― Roy Bennett