Fear Itself

I'm thinking about areas of specialization for my coaching practice. Helping people move away from a fear-based lifestyle strikes me as vital work and it's a common theme I'm hearing as I start to work with clients. We're taught to be afraid and disempowered by media, politics, unhealthy relationships and self-doubt--and it's possible to unlearn the fearspeak and begin to live in joyful balance. Take a minute to consider the following questions:

  1. What have you longed to do but been afraid to try? 
  2. Would you take a chance on your desired activity if your fear was silent?
  3. Would you take a chance, if instead of fearspeak you heard the voice of encouragement and trust?

It's rarely the activity itself that drives our fear but the squeaky voice inside warning us not to step out of our comfort zone, not to trust the resources we have inside us to manage ourselves through new opportunities. Learning to mute the fearspeak is the first step in learning to live to our full potential. 

What is your fearspeak telling you about your desires? How do you quiet that squeaky voice to find your way forward?