Self-Acceptance And A Limited Time Offer

I’ve had a great year coaching clients on a variety of personal issues and have noticed some patterns beginning to emerge in our conversations. Common to the core of their challenges we inevitably come to the fundamental issue of self-acceptance and the twin fears of being judged and not being enough. These fears hold them back from living true to their own beliefs and pursuing their passions. What seems to be missing is an acceptance of their essential, internal voice, honoring the things they need to say to enforce their own boundaries and values.

Without self-acceptance and expression of the essential voice, we sell ourselves short and stay small, underperforming below our potential and outside our personal boundaries. Confidence comes from self-acceptance and self-expression, followed by a deeper presence and focus on what’s truly important in our lives. When we stop trivializing what we need we can start to actively seek out joy.

I’m honored to support you on your path to your essential voice and in the coming weeks I’ll be shifting the emphasis of my coaching practice over to self-acceptance, with chronic health conditions as a central area of service. Those of us with chronic conditions have a particular issue with asking for what we need and accepting our bodies, and lives, for what they are.

I’m also working towards my Martha Beck life coach certification, so for a limited time I am offering single coaching sessions at a significant discount. The $30 Tune-Up is intended to polish up your skills to handle a specific situation or event and you can find more information here.  Be sure you schedule yours right away as there are a limited number of sessions available.